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Bio of Eva Gairabetoff, BA, RM/T, HTPA

Reiki Master/Teacher, Energetic Healing Practitioner, Wellness Lifestyle Advocate and Certified IN.FORM Coach.

The total healing of body, mind and spirit piqued my interest early on in life. I found the study and practice of energy work so fascinating and rewarding that I clearly knew it would be the focus of my life’s work. Today, I help ordinary people eliminate physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances brought about by the pressures and stress we encounter day to day. I have studied and mastered a host of complementary alternative healing disciplines that work together to promote total wellness.

Through the powerful energy healing techniques of Reiki, Healing Touch and aromatherapy, I help clients, just like you, experience inner peace, calming relaxation, relief from chronic pain, more restful sleep patterns, as well as emotional and spiritual harmony.

My practice is unique in that I offer specialized Reiki classes that teach you how to empower yourself into managing your own self-healing. As you learn the techniques of working with Reiki energy, you soon come to realize your higher self and your spiritual purpose. Major benefits of this Reiki self-healing include – improved personal relationships, higher self-esteem, and more meaningful spiritual development. By incorporating self- care with Reiki, energetic healing tools, meditation and similar techniques, I help you form a well-rounded program of achieving total health.

I also introduce my clients to the healing benefits of essential oils, herbs and energized nutraceuticals. Using their powers of physical, emotional, and spiritual enhancement makes them an important part of your total wellness transformation. 

For more information on current events, please see my Facebook pages: 1) Path to Transformation; 2) IN.FORM - Transform Your Life; 3) Eva’s Oils4Transformation WA# 1504447; 4) AMwell Chicago.

If you have been looking for relief from the physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual stresses caused by your life experiences, I would welcome the opportunity to lead you back to complete health and harmony. 

In the past, I volunteered at the Wellness House (Hinsdale, IL), the Chicagoland Healing Touch Alliance (at Alexian Brothers Cancer Center, in Elk Grove Village, IL) and the Healing Partners of Greater Chicago. I am a member of Healing Touch Program , the Infinity Foundation, Holistic Mom's Network and Over 40 Females.

I have had additional training in anatomy for healers, aromatherapy, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry and intuitive healing. She has taken classes and practices Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, dowsing,  Yoga, Tai Chi, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), among others. Also, taught classes in EFT and other energy therapy workshops.

I am happily married and have two grandchildren who are just so special--Lucas Alexander and Sophia (the princess).